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Planning a move to Atlanta, GA? You won’t be disappointed when you step foot in this city’s bustling streets! There are plenty of reasons why Business Insider named Georgia’s capital one of the Top 50 Best Places to Live in The United States in 2018.

Atlanta offers a great mix of city and country life that attracts thousands of transplants every year. It is home to several Fortune 500 companies, award-winning restaurants, a growing job market, and much more. But before you pack your bags and head south, read up on the best neighborhoods in Hotlanta!

Castleberry Hill

Naturally, many Atlanta newcomers flock to the heart of the city, where most of its historic and artistic attractions lie. Castleberry Hill is nestled in Downtown Atlanta’s busy streets, and it’s well known for being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Unsurprisingly, this neighborhood is a popular choice of movie producers since its beautiful scenery and repurposed warehouses make it a suitable backdrop for many films.

This area is also home to many up-and-coming art venues, such as exhibits and galleries like the Besharat Gallery. You can also find plenty of community events to keep you busy and help you make new connections in Castleberry Hill. And if you work up an appetite, head over to local favorites, No Mas! Hacienda & Cantina and Paschal’s for a bite to eat!

The Convention & Entertainment District

If you’re all about sporting events, greenery, and a kickass nightlife, then this booming neighborhood in Downtown Atlanta is calling your name! The Convention & Entertainment District is home to several popular attractions, such as the World of Coca Cola and the College Football Hall of Fame, to name a few.

This neighborhood is also home to the world’s largest aquarium, the Georgia Aquarium. This building holds an extraordinary 6.3 million gallons of water and is one of the few aquariums in the world to house whale sharks, one of the largest fish found in the ocean.

If these aren’t enough reasons to start apartment-hunting in Atlanta, the downtown area also houses the Centennial Olympic Park. This historic 22-acre green space was the gathering spot for the 1996 Summer Olympics, and serves as an excellent area for a family picnic! Fourth of July festivities in Atlanta, anyone?

The Convention and Entertainment District is favored by young professionals, college students, young couples, or singles looking for a good time!


If you have a taste for the finer things in life, then this Atlanta neighborhood is right for you. Dubbed the “Beverly Hills of the East,” Buckhead boasts beautiful residential homes, tree-lined streets, and some of the most impressive architecture found in the South. The Shops Buckhead Atlanta invite you to “see the new side of luxury” and bring your inner shopaholic out for a spin! If a little retail therapy isn’t your cup of tea, fear not! There are fantastic dining options and other ATL hot spots you can’t miss!

Inside of Buckhead also lies the beautiful Hotel District. World-class hotels such as the Mandarin Oriental and St. Regis are just blocks away from The Shops Buckhead Atlanta. The Buckhead Hotel District isn’t only home to luxury hotels, but it also houses some of the best dining experiences the city has to offer. Visit favorites such as Atlanta Fish Market or Aria, and prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience. The Buckhead neighborhood’s proximity to residential areas makes it an ideal living space for families or couples.

Is A-Town Calling Your Name?

Atlanta is a one-of-a-kind city, with the perfect combination of historical landmarks and unique communities. Now that you know some of the city’s best neighborhoods, it is time to start looking for your new home. Check out ApartmentSearch.com to find and compare apartments for rent in Atlanta, GA.

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Make it Rain with These Temp Spring Break Jobs | ApartmentSearch

Employee stirring drinksAre you staying in town for spring break? Stop mindlessly swiping through your friend’s tropical social media stories, and instead take this time to turn your FOMO into mo’ money! While your friends drain their accounts, why not cushion yours? Save up for next year’s trip to Cancun with these spring break jobs.

Camp Counselor

Camp isn’t just a summer thing! Local art studios, schools, gym, and libraries often host weeklong programs for spring break. For parents who have to work over their child’s vacation, this is the perfect solution – and one of your best ways to make money over spring break.

Checking local camp websites is a great place to start looking for these types of opportunities, as well as the “seasonal” or “temporary” pages on employment websites. You can also look for advertised programs and camps, and email your resume straight to the person in charge.

Seasonal Help

Is your town a spring break destination, with amazing sights, music festivals, and tourist attractions? If your city gets a significant influx of visitors during spring break, popular local businesses will be looking for extra help in a variety of roles, from working the front desks to running a cash register to bartending to cleaning up. Check local employment websites, social media pages, and bulletin boards to scout out these opportunities, and don’t hesitate to ask for applications at places you know get wildly busy.

Babysitting & Pet Sitting

It can be harder to find a short-term 9-to-5 gig if you don’t live somewhere that gets tourists over spring break, but you can typically find babysitting and pet sitting opportunities anywhere.

With so many kids out of school, there are a ton of families who need childcare. Additionally, families that go on vacation often need someone to watch their furry friends! For you, their need is a business opportunity! Post a profile on websites like Care.com or Wag and advertise your services via friends and neighbors to help you land a gig.

Event Staffing

Many cities take advantage of the beautiful weather and time off school, hosting special events for spring breakers. With these events come plenty of jobs! Keep your eyes peeled for events like music and film festivals, concerts in the park, charity galas, as they always require temporary workers to set up, take tickets, serve food, and so on.

To find these sorts of opportunities, make sure to check job search engines and venue websites regularly. If you want to work a specific event, try reaching out to an organizer directly!

Gardening & Landscaping

Winter is over, the urge to spring clean is in the air, and everyone is getting the yard ready for summer. Accordingly, many landscaping companies will hire seasonal help to handle the increased number of customers!

If you don’t mind a little bit of manual labor and know your way around a lawnmower — you can spend your spring break helping one of these landscaping companies. If you’re not a fan of the outdoors (or manual labor), many gardening and landscaping companies need office workers during the spring, as well.

Ride-Sharing/Food Delivery

If you’ve got a car that’s in good condition and you don’t mind driving, spring break is a great time to make some extra cash through ride sharing or food delivery gigs. Services like Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, Postmates, and Grubhub make it easy to sign up via their websites and start making money in no time.

While these are just a few of the most common temporary spring break jobs available, they certainly aren’t all of them! Before winter rolls into spring, make it a habit to regularly check job search engines like Indeed, Monster, and SimplyHired, as well as local social media pages, for these seasonal opportunities. Apply early to anything that interests you, so you don’t miss your shot at spring break bucks!

Don’t let staying home for spring break get you down. Instead, view it as a financial opportunity, and the chance to try your hand at a new job! (It’s also the perfect time to finish your spring-cleaning!) Follow ApartmentSearch on Facebook and Twitter for more great information for renters!

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What’s the Best Dallas Neighborhood for You? | ApartmentSearch

Dallas TX skyline at night

Are you relocating to Dallas, TX? If so, you’re in for a treat! Dallas is a city buzzing with activity; it has over 12,000 delicious places to eat, a population of 4.6 million, and plenty of attractions to keep you busy. Before you sign your lease, read up on the top neighborhoods in Dallas and find the perfect area to live your best life.

Oak Cliff

In the heart of Southern Dallas sits the Oak Cliff neighborhood, a vibrant community with plenty to offer. Most notably, Oak Cliff is home to the popular Bishop Arts District where you’ll find dozens of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and boutiques. Unsurprisingly, Bishop Arts District is one of Southern Dallas’s must-see destinations.

Also in Oak Cliff are The Dallas Zoo, The Texas Theatre, and Stevens Park Golf Course. Singles, young couples, and temporary residents tend to favor the Oak Cliff area for its variety of housing options.

Highland Park

Next up is North Dallas! This area of the city accommodates the Highland Park and University Park neighborhoods, two of the more picturesque neighborhoods of D-town.

If you’re a shopaholic living in the Highland Park area, you probably won’t even need to leave your zip code to scratch your retail itch, as you’ll always be conveniently close to Northpark Center, Highland Village, or The Shops at Park Lane.

If dressing room acrobatics make you hungry, fear not! There are also plenty of food and drink options in the Highland Park area, including Mi Cocina and Bistro 31. Looking for other things to do near Highland Park? Check out the Frontiers of Flight Museum, and Lakeside Park. Plus, if you’re not sure whether you want to rent a house or an apartment, the streets of Highland Park are lined with both—making it an ideal spot for families and young professionals alike.

University Park

University Park sits right above Highland Park and is well-known for being the home of Southern Methodist University—go Mustangs! Just like its counterpart, University Park provides plenty of options for shopping, eating, and drinking. Its attractions include the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Inwood Theatre, Curtis Park, and much more.

Deep Ellum

Downtown Dallas is one of the city’s fastest-growing areas. Downtown Dallas includes the Deep Ellum neighborhood, a sprawling space of repurposed warehouses that are now a hotspot for live music, dining, drinking, and more. Popular hangouts include The Church, Club Dada, Lizard Lounge, among others. While Deep Ellum apartments may come at a bit of a higher price, it’s all worth it when you have the best entertainment in the city within walking distance. Ready to start your search for a home in Deep Ellum? Check out the 10 best apartments in downtown Dallas.


Uptown Dallas is the place to be for a great happy hour. It is also home to some of the city’s cultural hotspots such as the Magnolia Theater and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Plus, while in Uptown Dallas, you can get in a free workout by taking a stroll, jog, or bike down the historic Katy Trail—one of the city’s top public recreation spots.

Given its close proximity to the Dallas business district, this part of town is well-suited for those who work in the area and are open to living in an apartment, including young professionals, small families, and entrepreneurial singles.

Is D-town calling your name?

Now that you’ve empowered yourself with insider knowledge on Dallas’s top neighborhoods, you may be ready to start your search for a new home. Turn to ApartmentSearch.com to find and compare apartments for rent in Dallas.

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11 Tips for Living Alone Happily in an Apartment | ApartmentSearch

barefoot man lays on couch with his catWorried about living alone in your apartment? Fear of being lonely is a huge reason young people think twice about flying solo in an apartment. Whether you’re a freshman on campus or a fresh college grad moving into the professional world, living alone can be a life-changing experience.

Forget about playing Akon’s “Lonely” on repeat. We’ll give you some great tips to help make sure your solo experience is both happy and fulfilling.

1. Engage with the outside world.

Come outside of your cave now and then, the water’s fine! And that warm glow on your skin? That’s sunshine—it’s good for you! Engaging with the outside world, even in small doses, will help you avoid complete isolation and the loneliness that comes with it. Look up cool things happening around you, then go do them. Don’t allow your apartment to become your whole world.

2. Get to know yourself.

It’s best to get to know the person you’re going to be spending the majority of your time with. Living alone is the perfect time to explore your hobbies and passions, your strengths and weaknesses, and other little quirks that make you, well, you!

3. Learn to grocery shop and cook for one.

One great thing about living alone is that all of your grocery bills are going to plummet. Meal prep is one of the most rewarding—and most challenging—parts of “adulting.” But with a little strategy and a lot of home-cooking, you can master it.

4. Practice good organizational habits.

If you’re an organizational guru, don’t sweat this step. Keep up the good work! But if you notice yourself leaving bowls of cereal out for days, or scattering your floor with dirty laundry, living alone can lead to things getting out of control. Set up a cleaning schedule or write down chores on post-its. Do whatever you gotta do to keep things tidy.

5. Buy some added security.

If you’re hesitant to live alone for safety reasons (and if “hesitant” is putting it mildly), then consider buying added security, like deadbolts or an alarm system. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable in your new apartment knowing you’re safe and secure. The only thing you’ll have to fear now is a haunted apartment with ghosts! (Just kidding.)

7. Decorate to your heart’s content.

No one can tell you that your wall art is dreadful when you live alone. Hang it up! When you have your own space, you get to decorate it however you want. A home catered to your tastes will make you feel comfortable and happy.

8. Become your own handyman/woman.

Solo living is the perfect time to practice self-reliance. Instead of phoning your landlord every time your toilet clogs or your light bulb goes out, learn how to. You’ll save money and your pride!

9. Make a budget and stick to it.

There’s nothing like a little budgeting to keep you on the right track. Before you even move into your apartment, come up with a personal finance strategy to avoid problems down the road. When you stick to a budget, you’ll stress less and have more freedom to pursue your short term and long term goals.

10. Invite guests over!

What good is a home if you can’t share it every once in a while? Bring the outside world to you by inviting your friends over for supper, a game night, watch party, etc. Plus, you can show off your awesome decorations!

11. Enjoy your privacy.

You’ll revel in the fact that, after your guests depart, you’ll once again be the sole ruler of your domain. Nobody will be there to judge you for one more slice of cake or glass of sparkling grape juice. You can sleep in the next morning, or spend the day with no pants on. The possibilities are endless when you have your own space. So live it up! And be happy. 🙂

Think you’re ready for your first solo apartment? Find one bedroom and studio apartments at ApartmentSearch.com

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Ways to Spend Your Thanksgiving Alone | ApartmentSearch

girl with coffee reading book near treeThanksgiving is a day generally spent with loved ones, so celebrating alone can feel a bit… strange. Strange, but still wonderful! Whether you’re intentionally skipping out on family festivities or finding yourself unexpectedly far from loved ones, celebrating Thanksgiving alone can be fun and memorable. Here’s a list of ways to make the most of your solo Thanksgiving holiday!

Visit with family and friends virtually or over the phone.

The beautiful thing about life today is that technology makes it easier than ever to spend time with the people we love. Spending Thanksgiving without family doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little long-distance family bonding! Carve out some time to talk with your family over Zoom, FaceTime, or a good old traditional phone call, all of which will help you feel a little more connected this holiday. Have them pull up a seat for their laptop, and you can even join them for the Thanksgiving meal!

Plan an epic feast for one.

At Thanksgivings past, you got triple servings of green bean casserole, but politely (and adamantly) refused Aunt Jenn’s notoriously bland mashed potatoes. This year, why not treat yourself to a feast of only your favorites?

Ask family members for their famous recipes, cut them in half, and you’ve got your Thanksgiving meal and leftovers! If Thanksgiving food isn’t your favorite – or you have zero interest in cooking — use the holiday as an excuse to treat yourself to the food you love. Or, if you’re feeling social, gather your besties for a Friendsgiving feast!

Start a fun project.

If spending Thanksgiving alone has you slightly bummed out, keep yourself busy by diving into a new project! Maybe you’ve been waiting to find time to repaint your old dresser, learn to knit or rearrange your living room. Or perhaps, you have a 1,000-piece puzzle with your name written all over it. Whatever activity or project will keep you content and occupied, this day off work is the opportunity!

Give back to your community.

Thanksgiving is a day to focus on gratitude, and serving others is a beautiful way to demonstrate it. On Thanksgiving, there are usually ample opportunities to give back to your community, whether that be running a charity 5K, donating canned goods to a food bank, or doling up hot meals at a local shelter. If you’re craving those warm, fuzzy feelings you get from precious family time, you might just find them while serving others.

Get moving!

Nothing brightens up a holiday quite like an endorphin rush. Before you enjoy some yummy comfort food, take a little time to move your body! Whether you run an organized “Turkey Trot,” do a bit of living room yoga, or go for a walk around your block, stretching your legs can put you in a great mood.

Treat yourself to plenty of extra TLC.

It’s a holiday! Even if you can’t be with the people you love, you can certainly spoil yourself with a little TLC. Do the things you enjoy, whether that’s bingeing a funny television show, taking a bubble bath, playing a video game, or enjoying an uninterrupted midday nap. Whether a solo Thanksgiving was your first or last choice plan, you can make the most of it by spending the day your way.

Just because you’re spending a holiday alone doesn’t mean you need to spend it lonely. If you’re searching for an apartment community that offers fun community events – like Friendsgiving! – search for your next place on ApartmentSearch!

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Do Renters Pay Property Taxes | ApartmentSearch

Hundred dollar bills fanned out in persons handsSo you just signed a new lease, huh? Congratulations! Renting an apartment equals freedom. You’re free from landscaping responsibilities, maintenance costs, and mortgage payments!

However, there’s one expense that confuses renters and homeowners alike—property taxes. If you’re like most, you’ve probably wondered, “Do renters have to pay property taxes, too?” ApartmentSearch is here to explain.

What Are Property Taxes For?

Real estate owners must pay property taxes to support their municipalities or townships. Local leaders direct property tax income towards community needs such as:

  • Maintaining infrastructure and amenities like roads, libraries, parks, hiking trails, etc.
  • Paying the salaries of city workers and public safety officers

Since renters use roads and receive protection from the same police force that protects homeowners, then tenants pay property taxes, right?

Not exactly. To understand if renters pay property taxes, you must first understand what rent covers!

What Renters Pay

At the start of every month, apartment tenants across the country hand over their hard-earned money to a landlord. Those funds cover their rent for the following month.

The amount of rent you pay isn’t an arbitrary number made up by your landlord. When determining how much to charge for monthly rent, landlords and property managers usually consider the following costs:

  • Maintenance supplies and salaries
  • Landlord insurance
  • Cost of utilities for shared spaces
  • HOA fees
  • Local property taxes

The amount of property taxes your landlord pays depends on the home or apartment’s assessed value and the local tax rate. That’s why many property owners calculate rent as a small percentage of the property’s market value (usually 0.8% to 2%). Accordingly, in cities where home values are rising, rent is increasing, too!

So, while your landlord factors property taxes into your monthly rent, you are not personally on the hook to the local municipality. The legal obligation belongs to the property owner and not to his or her tenants.

A Quick Tour of Property Taxes

A look at some recent property tax data published by USA Today underscores the squeeze landlords can feel—and subsequently pass along to you.

Here’s a snapshot of average annual property taxes around the country:

  • Texas – $4,660
  • Minnesota – $2,752
  • Missouri – $1,923

The state with the highest average property tax of them all? Homeowners find it in New Jersey—along with a bill for a whopping $8,477. If you’re in New Jersey and wonder why your rent is so high, taxes could be to blame.

Find Rent That Fits Your Budget

From Seattle to Washington D.C., rental housing prices are on the rise! However, cheap rent isn’t impossible to find. Use ApartmentSearch to sort and filter apartments by monthly rent and find the right place at the right price.

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Can You Evict a Roommate Who’s on the Lease | ApartmentSearch

Woman with annoyed expression stares out the window resting her forehead on itHer share of the rent is always late—if it arrives at all. She’s noisy, she eats your food, and her friends are inconsiderate. Let’s face it: your roommate is a nightmare. If you’re already at the point where you’re wondering, “how can I evict a roommate that’s on the lease?” We’ve got answers for you.

There’s just one thing you need to know before we get started: If your roommate signed the same lease agreement you did, you can’t evict them yourself—not even if they stopped paying rent two months ago. However, just because you can’t decide whether your roommate gets evicted or not, doesn’t mean you can’t influence the situation.

Evicting a Roommate

The property’s landlord may still evict your roommate for breaking the lease in a variety of ways, including:

  • Not paying the rent or not paying the rent on time
  • Engaging in illegal activity on the premises
  • Violating an established policy, such as “no smoking” or “no pets”

Unless the lease-breaking activity in which your roommate engages is blatantly apparent, you may have to bring it to your landlord’s attention. Make sure you document all the lease violations thoroughly; and uphold your end of the contract to prevent this strategy from backfiring.

Keep in mind, going directly to the landlord with a complaint about a roommate is something of an interpersonal relationship “atomic bomb.” Accordingly, treat it as a last resort that follows a diplomatic effort to resolve the issues that exist.

Engaging in Roommate Diplomacy

One way to address the issues that prompt your desire for a roommate eviction is to have an open and honest talk that features:

  • Specific evidence or instances of any transgressions
  • An even-keeled temperament expressed with your “inside” voice
  • Clear examples of what changes you’d like to see (less noise after midnight, a certain level of cleanliness to discourage pests, fewer overnight guests, etc.)

When a Roommate Becomes a Threat

There’s one instance in which you should disregard roommate diplomacy, though. That is when a roommate has threatened you, either implicitly or explicitly, or committed a harmful action against you.

If any such scenarios arise, contact the police and get to a safe place immediately.

According to Nolo.com, depending on the state you’re in, your landlord may be able to issue something called an unconditional quit notice. These notices are used to legally compel a tenant to move out without a lengthy notice or eviction process.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, know that there are legal protections for tenants like yourself which can help you terminate a lease early and keep your abuser (and their friends) far away from you—both physically and digitally. If you’re unsure that what you’re experiencing is domestic abuse, check out this helpful page from The National Domestic Violence Hotline, and remember to always put your safety first!

Evict the Roommate from Your Life

If your roommate is annoying but not violating the lease, posing a threat to you, nor willing to compromise, you have one other option: evicting that roommate from your life.

Yes, this might require you to wait your lease out or break it ahead of time. Early lease termination laws vary across states but, here are a few general tips to help break your lease as smoothly as possible.

  • Provide your landlord with advance notice.
  • Offer articulate reasoning and any evidence for what’s compelling you to move (by this point, the landlord is probably aware of the issues you’re experiencing).
  • Be willing to negotiate the particulars of your leaving (maybe finding someone to replace you on the lease, or paying an extra month’s rent after you depart)

Don’t focus on the legwork required here. Instead, set your sights on how sweet your next place will be!

Let ApartmentSearch Help You Evict Roommate Problems

You’ve done your homework on how to evict a roommate who is on the lease. If you’ve decided you’re better off moving on and out—eviction or no eviction, ApartmentSearch.com can help.

Use AparmentSearch.com to search for 1-bedroom and studio apartments (if you’re tired of roommates), or browse multi-bedroom apartments (if you’ve read and used this guide on how to interview roommates and pick the right ones).

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How to Save Money as a Renter | ApartmentSearch

Woman counting cash with a planner on her desk

Did you treat-yo-self a little too hard? Getting back on track after overdoing the retail therapy can be a daunting-but-necessary task! Make staying within budget a little easier on yourself by leveraging these little-known ways to save money as a renter.

1. Modify Your Renters Insurance

You do have renters insurance, right? As a renter, it’s one of the most critical items in your apartment life toolkit! It’s a relatively small but necessary (and sometimes legally required) expense that can help protect you financially in case of apartment mishaps.

However, having renter’s insurance doesn’t mean you should settle for any policy! Take some time to review your policy now, asking the following questions as you go.

  • Can you afford a higher deductible (which lowers your premiums)?
  • Does shopping around for the best deal uncover an equally good but less effective provider?
  • Will paying annually save you money compared to paying more frequently throughout the year?

2. Meal Prep

Going out to eat is delicious and convenient, but it can also be over-indulgent in calories and costs! If your foodie ways interfere with your finances, get in touch with your inner chef, and prepare meals in the comfort of your own home. And there’s more than the financial benefit to consider: eating home-cooked meals makes people happier and healthier, says Fix.com!

Bonus foodie tip: Retain your grocery receipt, highlight perishable foods, and stick it on your fridge or in another prominent spot. This helps make sure you consume those foods before they go bad. The average American wastes about one pound of food per day; use this tip to ensure that you “waste not, want not!”

3. Sign Up for the Apartment Gym

Working out at a fancy gym is excellent. They have the latest equipment, friendly faces, and TVs you can watch while sweating your way through a treadmill workout!

Unfortunately, such gyms also come with membership fees, either monthly or annually. If your apartment complex has a small gym area, you can likely get a pretty good workout there. To supplement it, consider walking or jogging through the neighborhood and doing bodyweight exercises in a nearby park.

4. Team Up on Laundry

If you’re currently using coin-operated laundry machines, then you understand how quickly the costs add up. It’s as if the washer and dryer devour quarters! Worse yet, you pay the same for a small load as you do for a large load. However, you can overcome this particular type of money madness by teaming up with a roommate to combine hampers and get the most out of your money.

Alternatively, if your apartment has an in-unit washer and dryer — use it wisely! Combine your and your roommate’s different laundry loads — linens, lights, and darks — to get the most out of every wash.

5. Reconsider Your Internet Service

When it comes to figuring out how renters can save money, many people overlook their internet service. For a good reason: many people consider access to the internet a must. Less crucial, however, is paying more for blazing fast internet speeds and higher data limits than you need.

  • Look into a cheaper internet plan and offset data caps by borrowing DVDs and Blu-rays from the local library instead of streaming.
  • Listen to podcasts for any background noise you usually use the TV to provide.
  • See if your employer offers a stipend for internet access.
  • Get quotes from competing internet providers and ask your current provider to match them…or else!

6. Find a More Affordable Apartment

Is rent consuming a considerable portion of your monthly pay? In that case, finding a more affordable apartment can be one of the most straightforward ways to save money and stay on-budget! Start searching for a new apartment that’s priced to please!

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How to: Hosting Guests Without a Guest Room | ApartmentSearch

towels and small blue bottleHosting guests can be stressful when you have a spare room, but it can feel straight-up impossible when you live in a studio or a small flat. In reality, you don’t need to turn away your friends and family because of a lack of space. Impress your visitors with these tips for hosting overnight guests in a small apartment.

Invest in an air mattress (or a sleeper sofa!).

Finding adequate sleeping solutions for overnight guests can be the most challenging part of hosting, but you’ve got options. Some renters invest in a sleeper sofa or sleeper loveseat that can transform into a bed; you just may have to shove a coffee table out of the way come bedtime. Another option is purchasing an air mattress that can easily be stowed away when not in use. Set it up wherever it fits at night, and you can stash it on top of your bed to get it out of the way come morning (if your guest is staying multiple nights).

Provide plenty of blankets, pillows, towels, and other essential items.

One way to instantly make an overnight guest feel welcomed and at home is by making sure they have everything they need to be comfortable. Instead of scrambling to find things when they arrive, or when they request it, make sure they have blankets, pillows, and towels readily available to them. Stock your bathroom with extra rolls of toilet paper and soap, too. Not only will they appreciate the gesture, but you’ll also help ensure they have everything they need to feel comfortable.

Tidy up.

When you’re hosting guests without a guest room, you have no other option but to have them all up in your space. One surefire way to make close-quarters seem uncomfortably closer is by having clutter and mess. Before your guests arrive, and sporadically while they’re there, make sure to clean your apartment and make sure things are organized. Your guests will likely feel much more comfortable sleeping in your living room if it’s not covered in dog hair or overflowing with last week’s takeout boxes.

Clear out a place for guests to put bags and suitcases.

Bulky suitcases and oversized bags can quickly make a small space feel smaller, especially if they’re sprinkled smack dab in the middle of your common area. Clear out space, even if it’s just a small area behind a couch or tucked under a window, for your guests to stow their luggage and get them out of the way for their visit.

Offer them a drawer for their clothing.

This probably isn’t necessary if your guest is only staying for one night, but a guest staying for multiple nights will likely appreciate the ability to unpack their clothing. If possible, combine two of your drawers into one and offer them the free drawer for their belongings. This will also help keep your space clean for their visit and allow them to store away their bags.

Consider setting up a folding screen for privacy.

If you’re willing to host someone in a tiny apartment, you likely already have a degree of comfort with them. Still, that doesn’t mean a bit of privacy isn’t appreciated. Particularly in a studio, their “room” is out in the open and in constant view of your sleeping and dressing space. Investing in a privacy screen is a simple way to create a bit of privacy for their stay; plus, it can serve as a decorative room divider when you don’t have guests.

Treat the common area, or wherever they are sleeping, like their bedroom.

In other words, your living room is not your living room as long as your guest is sleeping there! At night, make sure your movie night ends before your guest wants to hit the hay. Try to stay out of the common area before they’ve awoken – or, at the very least, stay quiet! To the best of your ability, try to treat their sleeping space like their room so they can get enough sleep and have a bit of privacy.

When you don’t have a guest room – or a lot of space in general – hosting apartment guests can certainly be cozy… but that can make it more fun! With a little bit of planning, there’s no reason why it can’t be done.

Still having a hard time giving your guests a five-star experience in a 100-square-foot room? Find apartments with guest rooms, half baths, and more with ApartmentSearch.

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