Idea to Steal: Fuzzy Wuzzy Seats

You know the first time you see something unusual and you think oh no, that’s a crazy idea. And then you see it a little bit more and little bit more and it grows on you. That certainly happened with me and mom jeans (I’m praying it won’t happen with the skinny sunglasses thing). But it has also happened with the fuzzy chair trend. Have you seen these guys yet? I’m super curious what you think about them.

idea to steal: fuzzy chairs on apartment 34

I’m talking about the teddy bear-esque easy chairs that have been showing up all over my Pinterest and in virtually every design magazine you pick up of late. Covered in wooly sheepskin and usually curved like a cozy little nest, turns out this idea is not new. Of course, it is in fact mid-century modern.

idea to steal: fuzzy chairs on apartment 34

The most recognized fuzzy chair, called the Tired Man, was created by Danish furniture designer Flemming Lassen in the 1950s.  But the Tired Man chair is actually being produced again today (which is good since vintage ones on 1stdibs are running about $24,000). But the new ones come with hefty pricetags too.

idea to steal: fuzzy chairs on apartment 34

The newest version the scene are literally called the Papa Bear and Baby Bear armchairs by Pierre Yovanovitch. They’re a bit cutesy for my tasty but would be the most expensive chair for a kids room possibly in the world.

idea to steal: fuzzy chairs on apartment 34 idea to steal: fuzzy chairs on apartment 34idea to steal: fuzzy chairs on apartment 34 idea to steal: fuzzy chairs on apartment 34idea to steal: fuzzy chairs on apartment 34idea to steal: fuzzy chairs on apartment 34

A lot of peeps are simply finding cool, mid-century style armchairs and simply reupholstering them in the wooly sheepskin. I just love the texture the look adds to a room. In a house with wall to wall hardwood floors and stark white walls, I think a fuzzy chair would be the perfect way to soften a room. I’m seriously considering adding one to our dining room.

What say you? Are you feeling these fuzzy chairs? Or have I just been staring at them for too long?!

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images via vipp hotel / lassen / Pierre Yovanovitch / Vogue /Pierre Yovanovitch / 1stdibs / Pierre Yovanovitch / lassen / 1stdibs



8 Unique Ways to Display Fine Art in Your Home | Apartminty

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Having art on the walls of your home can help you feel settled, whether it’s a temporary rental or your forever home. There are many different methods to displaying fine art in your home. The traditional way of a hammer and a nail will get you pretty far, but you can elevate your design by incorporating some of the following ideas. 

Buying fine art is just the beginning of the process. How you display your new art can make or break the impact it can have on your space.

Every person has a different taste in art, and it doesn’t matter if you are interested in impressionists or contemporary abstracts; there is a place for your art in your home. Artwork is meant to be enjoyed daily. It can bring together the theme of a cozy beach house or give a nursery an adorable feature for your baby to look at. 

Here are eight unique and fun ways to display fine art in your home:

Gallery Walls up the Staircase:

If you have a set of stairs in your home, you likely trudge up and down them multiple times per day. It can be a fun reminder of good memories every time you march up to bed or come down for coffee first thing in the morning. Stairs are an excellent place to hang small prints that would look out of place in other rooms. Gather them together to make a feature wall.

Often, a gallery wall on the stairs contains family portraits that continue to grow as your family does. You can choose this method for a more conservative look or make it more interesting by using brightly colored frames and cataloging your vacations and everyday memories. 

Hang Art From the Ceiling:

These days, nearly everyone hangs a frame from a nail in a wall or with sticky strips that don’t damage the walls. Add interest to your space by putting a hook in the ceiling and dangling your artwork from above. This can add depth to your room and draw attention to a unique ceiling feature, such as a reclaimed wood ceiling or a decorative chandelier. 

Be sure to hand these frames close to a wall so they do not become a hazard when walking by, and use a strong string to prevent your art from being damaged. If you can’t drill holes in the ceiling, consider a gallery rod or a piece of picture rail molding to dangle your artwork. 

Use Three Dimensions:

Framed art is often two dimensional, and while it adds interest to the space, you can make your display stand out even more by adding three-dimensional objects to your collection. You can combine these two to create a one of a kind art feature in your home. 

Relate these objects to the painting or print to not distract from the original piece. A photo of a beach or the ocean can be combined with shells or sea glass mosaics to bring more life to the artwork. 

Use a Bookshelf:


If your walls are full or you just don’t have any space to hang a frame on the wall, use your bookshelves to incorporate a few frames. These can be standard freestanding bookshelves, floating shelves, or you can lean the frame on top of your desk or dresser. Set your beautifully painted image of a garden next to your vintage copy of The Secret Garden.

Using frames, books, and objects will create interest and allow you to view your collections simultaneously. This method is also easily changed if you are the type of person that likes to mix up your decor now and then. 

Color Coordinate:

A bright-colored chair in a room or rug can add intrigue to the room. Multiply this by creating a small gallery featuring the same color as this object. It will help bring the room together and make it seem more cohesive. Use abstracts or simple pieces to draw the color into space. 

Be sure not to overdo it and use moderation when using bright colors in a room. They can seem busy or hurtful to look at if there are too many. If the accent color in the room is blue, use different shades of blue to provide your eyes something easy to look at. 

Offset Frames:

There is no law stating that your frames must be in line with each other and never be out of place. You are free to do what speaks to you by clustering small frames together or using one larger piece to keep it simple. 

If you feel a little daring, offset your frames on the wall so they are not centered, drawing attention to a piece of furniture or a feature of your home. Eyes are drawn toward offset patterns, and it can create drama in the room. 

Don’t Use Frames:

If you are unsure about the pieces, you have or are interested in a more casual display, skip the frames altogether and go with bare images. Without frames, a print can be more fragile, so it may be recommended to attach the paper to a stiff piece of cardboard. Otherwise, your prints will be blowing in every breeze and could be harmed. 

Frames can also be expensive, and if you want to hang a large number of prints, it is cost-effective to go without them. Leaving your art without frames creates a bohemian atmosphere and can enhance your overall decor. 

Use a Gallery Light:

You can highlight a single piece or collection of works by installing a gallery light over the artwork. These lights are relatively inexpensive but will increase the drama of the art. The lighting in our homes changes throughout the day, and you might not always be able to see your artwork. 

There is a reason that artwork in museums is always adequately lit so you, the viewer, can experience it the way it was intended to be seen. If you have more than one piece, consider track lighting on the ceiling. 

No Wrong Way:


In the end, it is your decision on how you want to display the artwork you have collected over time. You can use one or all of these ideas in a single home, but be sure not to overwhelm yourself and your guests with too many things to look at. Have space where the eye can rest, such as a wall with only one piece of artwork or an open space on the floor. 

Before choosing where you want to place your artwork, ensure that it is the proper size for the wall or shelf, you are placing it on. If it is too small or too large, it can draw unwanted attention and distract from its intended purpose. 

Make your home a place where you enjoy spending time and allow yourself to enjoy the small luxuries of getting that piece of artwork you’ve meant to put out on display.

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It doesn’t matter if you are interested in impressionists or contemporary abstracts; there is a place for your art in your home! Explore eight unique ways to display art in your home.
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Create a Productive Apartment Work-From-Home Space | Apartminty

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Working from home has become more prominent than ever, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, when you’re living in an apartment, it can sometimes be challenging to create a productive remote workspace. 

Thankfully, there are things you can do to maximize your space (no matter how small it may be), arrange it in a way that inspires creativity and productivity, and take care of yourself so you stay motivated. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make the most of your apartment while you’re working from home, so you can find a healthy work-life balance and stay focused on your job each day. 

Arranging Your Space

A productive apartment work-from-home space starts with actually creating a designated workspace. You don’t necessarily need to have a separate spare room to set up an office. As long as you have a specific location in mind that is dedicated to your work, you can get things done effectively. Some suggestions include: 

  • Fixing a folding shelf to a wall.
  • Using a large closet/wardrobe.
  • Utilizing a large hallway.
  • Pulling your sofa away from the wall in the living room and using it as a desk chair.

Having your own workspace can help you to stay focused and organized throughout the day. Remember, your environment can affect your mental health. It can either keep you motivated or bring you down. So, focus on things like using natural lighting, having live plants around to give you energy, and even controlling the temperature to keep things a bit cooler. 

If you know you will have to participate in Zoom meetings or similar video chats, make sure that your office looks as professional as possible. Because you’re at home, it’s okay to make things personal. But, whatever is in your background should still suggest that you’re working. A professional background for a video call can include things like plants, pictures, and artwork, but probably shouldn’t include your Star Wars actions figures. 

Keeping Your Health in Mind

In addition to having the right space set up, it’s crucial to take care of yourself in order to stay productive. When working from home, it’s easy to feel distracted and unmotivated. Taking care of yourself, physically and mentally, can have a huge impact on how well you do your job. 

One of the potential drawbacks of working from home is having a harder time with a work-life balance. You can combat this by having a routine each day. Start work at the same time and end it at the same time. Having a separate office space in your apartment will make it easier to “walk away” from work at the end of the day. 

It’s also important to take breaks, and you may need to encourage yourself to do so. Your apartment might be small, but don’t be afraid to splurge on a few “self-care” items including, perhaps, a sofa that you can put in or near your workspace for whenever you need to take a break. 

Your breaks should also consist of movement, as much as possible. Stand up and stretch every hour. Or, take longer breaks throughout the day that allow you to get outside and go for a walk. Studies have shown that simply being out in nature can improve your mood, which may help with productivity, and it will give you a chance to get some space after being in a small apartment all day. 

It’s possible to create a productive apartment work-from-home space and to stay motivated each day. With a few simple changes, some organizational skills, and maybe a professional purchase or two, you can turn almost any area of your apartment into an effective workspace. 

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How to Create a Productive Apartment Work-From-Home Space
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How to Create a Productive Apartment Work-From-Home Space
With a few simple changes, some organizational skills, and maybe a professional purchase or two, you can turn almost any area of your apartment into an effective workspace.
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How to Improve a Rental Kitchen (for Cheap) | ApartmentSearch

Kitchen filled with essentials with accent brick wall.Most residential rental housing units are required to have a “kitchen,” however, even in jurisdictions where this is the law, the definition of “kitchen” is murky at best! If your apartment’s kitchen is a little too “vintage” for your taste or you’re dealing with an outdated or under-equipped apartment kitchenette, you may be struggling to prep your favorite homemade meals and no-bake desserts. However, with the right appliances and life hacks, you can improve your rental kitchen on the cheap with these apartment kitchen ideas for renters!

Add or Change Lighting

Do you have a dim kitchen? An overhead fixture that you hate? Change it! Switching out an overhead light fixture really isn’t complicated or expensive. Many inexpensive home decor stores have great options. And so many people forget about under-cabinet lighting, which is a mistake. Given that you can’t magically install floor-to-ceiling windows to let light flood in, the next best fix for a dark and dreary kitchen is installing lighting under your cabinets. Whether that’s with puck lights, LED light bars, or fluorescent light bars… LET THERE BE LIGHT!

Make Pots and Pans a Focal Point

While we could be wrong, it’s probably safe to assume that your rental kitchen is lacking in the storage department. If that’s the case, you’re probably looking for the most efficient way to maximize your storage space. The solution? Set up a handy wall-friendly pot rack or install a pegboard on an empty wall. While this works best when your cookware is something that you actually want to show off, regardless of your pots and pans, it saves on storage space while decorating things up a little.

Remove Some Cabinet Doors

Speaking of cabinets and storage, another easy way to makeover your rental kitchen is by temporarily removing your cabinet doors. The best part? It’s basically free to take off the doors, line the insides with pretty paper or paint them an attractive color, and neatly stack your dishes. It adds a bit of vibrancy and that personal touch. Just be sure to save the doors and the screws so you can put them back on when you eventually move out.

Add a Rug

This is so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before — add a rug, especially if you want to hide ugly, crumbling, laminate floors that your landlord won’t let you replace. It not only hides what you don’t want to see but can also brighten up your kitchen and add a bit of personality.

Update the Backsplash

Do you know that space between the counter and cabinet? It’s often a huge focal point, but it’s also probably something your landlord won’t let you completely replace. No problem! Just because you can’t fully commit to the expensive backsplash of your dreams in your rental kitchen doesn’t mean you’re stuck with what you have. If there are ugly tiles, use tile stickers for an upgrade or even velcro to attach a cloth backsplash.

If your landlord allows it, use a bit of paint or removable wallpaper to make it your own. You can always paint it back when you move out.

Change Drawer or Shelf Liners

This is so simple but so effective. Old drawers are not attractive drawers, but you don’t have to live with that insanity any longer! An easy way to upgrade your rental kitchen is to line your drawers and cabinets with a pattern of drawer and shelf liner that you actually like.

While the usual suspect is patterned contact paper, if you don’t want to leave adhesive behind, consider a non-adhesive version or use oilcloth or another thick fabric that can just fit in the bottom of your drawers. If you’d rather not mess with cutting and inserting liners, consider just changing the hardware with stylish pulls and knobs that work with your lifestyle.

Cover the Countertops

Because you rent, you probably think you’re stuck with ugly countertops forever, given your landlord won’t let you make any permanent changes. But have no fear! First, your landlord might be on board with options that include covering them with vinyl or painting them, which would be a bonus. But if he’s not, top a portion of your countertop with a big, pretty cutting board. It’s practical and good-looking!

Hang a Mirror

There’s a reason that smaller restaurants strategically place mirrors throughout their dining area. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book to make the space appear larger! Take a page out of that book and add a statement mirror to your rental kitchen. Not only will it brighten up the room by reflecting the light in your kitchen, but it will also provide that same space-maximizing illusion at an affordable cost and minimal effort.

Ready To Move On From Your Kitchen?

Did your previous apartment’s kitchen leave you with trust issues? Don’t commit to an apartment with underwhelming or outdated features. Instead, look for an apartment that’s equipped for everything from hosting friends to meal prepping!



7 Tips for a Smooth Apartment Move | Apartminty

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Getting ready for an apartment move? This may be a new beginning for you. Finding an apartment that suits your needs for location, space and overall comfort can be difficult, so consider yourself lucky. Preparing for a move can be exciting if you think about it. You’ll set up your new place according to your preference. You’ll discover new adventures and things in your new neighbourhood. Before getting pumped about moving into your new apartment, take some time to check these simple moving tips for a smooth and stress-free move.

1. Give Proper Notice

Before you start feeling all excited about your new adventure in your new apartment, you need to make sure you give proper notice that you are moving out of the old apartment. This may include reviewing your lease agreement. Your lease will outline every necessary step before leaving an apartment. Make sure to check all the required steps to avoid any additional charges for the apartment you no longer live in. You need to start from writing a notice of your move, usually 30 to 60 days, or even 90 days for some. This will alert your landlord and at the same time, you will have a fond farewell with your nice neighbours.

2. Making a Timeline and a Checklist

Planning for a move is never easy so be sure to make a timeline for the tasks you need to do.

You need to prepare at least a month before your move to make sure all activities will be followed in the timeline. This will give you enough time to gather all necessary packing supplies and to pack each item carefully. You also have enough time to do all tasks from cleaning the whole unit to moving out the items to avoid any procrastination that may cause problems, especially during your moving day. 

Making a checklist is a smart way to avoid forgetting important things before your move.

Be sure to include in the checklist the items you have for each room, your cleaning progress, setting up utilities, scheduling a move-out inspection, hiring a trusted removalist and the preparation of your new home.

3. Schedule a Move-out Inspection

Contacting the property manager and scheduling for a move-out inspection before your move is a good idea to avoid any surprises once you received the statement of your security deposit. This way, you will have a chance to ask for any possible repairs required or additional charges that you are not aware of and ask for advice for any particular areas to clean such as toilets, under the kitchen sinks, or in drawers that people usually forget. You will be able to do all required repairs and at the same time, you will receive vacating cleaning guidelines from the property manager to have a smooth and easier apartment move.

4. Make a plan for repairs

Checking your lease document is essential before moving out to avoid any issues or problems. Having a normal wear and tear on the surface and appliances occurs in every apartment. But for any damages that are beyond the normal wear and tear, then you are responsible for paying or making any repairs. You should check the specifications of the condition that you’re required to leave your apartment. This may include painting walls back to their original colours, patching nail holes in the walls, and most especially fixing any other damage the apartment has undergone since you moved in.

5. Deep Clean the Whole Unit

It depends on the agreement you have signed if you need to clean or not. Some leases charge a fixed cleaning fee but if your apartment doesn’t hire cleaners, be ready to deep clean the whole apartment. If you are thinking of leaving behind a piece of furniture or any designer curtains that can be used by the next residents, you need to think twice. Even if it’s tempting to leave these items, particularly couches, rugs or any cleaning supplies, remember that you need to leave the apartment free from any of your belongings.

When it comes to cleaning, remember to work from the top (ceiling fan, windows, walls) to the bottom (floors, baseboards, carpet). This allows dust and dirt to fall to the ground while you are cleaning, so you don’t need to sweep or vacuum multiple times which will consume a lot of your time. Be sure to follow all tasks on the checklist you’ve created before your final moving day.

6. Documentation 

Even your property manager already conducted a move out inspection, documentation of the process and the situation of your current place before moving out is a crucial step for an apartment move. Why? This is because taking pictures will serve as evidence that will prevent you from being charged for the damages created after you move out and avoid any problems and conflicts with the landlord. 

Remember to take photos of each room once all the belongings are out. This will serve as proof that you left the apartment in a good, clear and clean condition by showing all of your hard work to thoroughly clean the space in your photos. Keep the photos until you have already received your security deposit back.

I know you are excited to move in and decorate your new apartment, but make sure to take photos as well or even record a video of the current situation. If you see any damages before moving in, even if it’s okay with you, still you need to report it immediately to the landlord for them to check and do the proper actions needed. This will avoid any conflicts with the new landlord and of course, additional charges for the damages that you didn’t do.

7. Hiring a Trusted Moving Company

When arranging for an upcoming apartment move and needing some help, you have two options. You may recruit family and friends or hire a trusted moving company. Moving with family and friends is like a double-edged sword. It might be less expensive and will help you to have a closer relationship with your family or friends before you move out. But without enough experience and knowledge on the process, this may lead to moving mistakes which may cost more money and worse, injuries to you or anyone helping your move.

On the other hand, hiring a trusted and professional moving company is a smart choice. The move will be executed and handled with care and efficiency by the people who have enough knowledge, experience and equipment. If you have limited time, this will make your move faster and most especially avoid any physical injuries to you and to the people helping you out, giving you a stress-free apartment move. 

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7 Tips for a Smooth Apartment Move
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7 Tips for a Smooth Apartment Move
Before getting pumped about moving into your new apartment, take some time to check these simple moving tips for a smooth and stress-free move.
Holli Beckman
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Apartments With Move-in Specials | Apartminty

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Right now is a fantastic time to be looking for a new apartment home in Washington, DC. The past few years’ construction boom has added a surplus of apartment inventory to the market. The result of extra apartment inventory = move-in specials!

If you are willing to commit to a longer lease term you can score anywhere between one to three months free! Plus if you can make a quick decision, apartments are offering additional incentives like $250 gift cards, free parking, free meal delivery services, and more.

Move-in specials used to only be found at new construction buildings that were just opening up. With all the extra apartment inventory in DC now, the interesting thing we are seeing is that older buildings are getting in on the concession game, too! So it’s possible to get one or two months free at the more budget-friendly buildings.

We’re starting a list of apartment specials here and will add to it as we find more. Hear of an awesome special? Drop us a line at and we’ll be sure to add it to the list!

Avec on H Street

Get up to two months free + $250 gift card

901 H Street NE, Washington, DC Text with an agent: 855-283-1852 Speak with an agent 833-758-5743

Avec on H is a new apartment building on H Street NE. The building has a huge rooftop with a pool, outdoor living rooms with heaters, conversation areas with firepits, and grilling areas. The building has studios, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments starting at $1564. You can get the two-months free movein special by choosing a longer lease term and if you apply within 48 hours of your apartment tour, you get the additional $250 gift card. They are offering self-guided tours and virtual tours. Check out Avec floorplans here.


Get up to two months free!

1717 20th Street NW, Washington, DC

Speak with an agent 833-300-3125

Dupont Apartments is located just two blocks from the Dupont Circle metro stop. The smaller apartment building doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a new luxury building, but the prices are great and the location can’t be beaten! The building has studios and one-bedroom apartments starting at $1490. You can get the two-months free move-in special on any available apartment right now. They are offering self-guided tours and virtual tours. Check out Dupont Apartments floorplans here.


Get up to two months free!

1221 South Eads Street, Arlington, VA Speak with an agent 877-472-3092

Aura Pentagon City is located in the heart of Pentagon City. Living here means an easy commute to the Pentagon, Boeing, and the new Amazon HQ2! The building has two rooftop pools, 24-hour concierge, fitness center, and complimentary coffee service! Apartment sizes range from studios up to two-bedrooms and come equipped with large closets, full-size washers and dryers, and gas ranges. You can get the two-months free move-in special on specific apartments right now. Check out Aura floorplans here.


Get Six Weeks free!

2800 Woodley Road, NW Washington, DC Speak with an agent 833-226-4798

2800 Woodley is on a residential street in the Woodley Park neighborhood. Just four blocks from the Woodley Park/Adams Morgan metro station, this is a great apartment for car-free living lifestyle. However, the residential street does allow for street parking. This rent-control building has a stunning lobby and some of the friendliest front desk employees you will ever meet. The rent is inclusive of all utilities with the exception of cable/internet. Apartment sizes range from studios up to two-bedrooms and come equipped with large closets, wood parquet floors, and gas ranges. You can get the six weeks free move-in special on any available apartment right now. Check out their floorplans here.


Get up to Two Months Free!

1701 Massachusetts NW Washington, DC Speak with an agent 833-716-9395

Located on Massachusetts Avenue, NW The Baystate is made up of 111 studio apartments. The building offers package receiving and pick-up/delivery dry cleaning service. There is on-site management and for your convenience a mobile app to submit work orders or pay your rent. There are an on-site laundry room and fitness center. In the warmer months, you can enjoy the rooftop deck. Studio apartments at this property start at only $1395! You can get the two-months free move-in special on any available apartment right now. Check out their floorplans here.

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Apartments With Move-in Specials
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Apartments With Move-in Specials
Right now is a fantastic time to be looking for a new apartment home in Washington, DC. The past few years’ construction boom has added a surplus of apartment inventory to the market. The result of extra apartment inventory = move-in specials!
Holli Beckman
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Must Have Tools for Thanksgiving Dinner Prep This Year | Apartminty

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Tools for cooking Thanksgiving Dinner | Thanksgiving dinner | Kitchen tools

We don’t have to tell you that Thanksgiving looks and feels a lot different this year.  This may be the first you you are cooking the big meal yourself.  While we wish we could be there to help, the next best thing is to share with you our favorite tools for prepping a Thanksgiving feast.  And once you’ve got all the tools ordered, be sure to check out our Pinterest boards, for all of our favorite recipes both for Thanksgiving dinner and for the accompanying drinks.






Ready to find your next apartment?



Stainless Steel Trash & Recycling Center

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Must Have Tools for Thanksgiving Dinner
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Must Have Tools for Thanksgiving Dinner
Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for yourself this year? These tools will help you prep Thanksgiving dinner like a pro.
Holli Beckman
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Van Ness DC Neighborhood Guide | Apartminty

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NorthWest DC   •   Residential   •   Neighborhood Feel   •   Bike-Friendly

Studio: $1500
1 BR: $1735
2 BR: $2224

Walkscore: 81
Transit Score: 66
Metro: Red Line

Van Ness is a suburban Northwest D.C. neighborhood located next to Rock Creek Park. This beautiful tree lined neighborhood is diverse, quiet, and close knit. While the area is not known for having a big nightlife scene, it is recognized for its residential feel, its convenient location, and the wide variety of residents and housing options that you will find here. The community takes pride in the beauty of the neighborhood – sharing borders with Rock Creek Park makes Van Ness a scenic neighborhood, and residents hope to preserve that.


Adams Morgan Brunch DC

Sfoglina, a pasta house, opened it’s doors in Van Ness in 2016 and has been a neighborhood staple ever since. The menu focuses on traditional Italian meals and is subject to change daily. The menu features dishes meant for sharing with the group, as sharing meals is a common theme in Italian culture. Sfoglina is our favorite brunch option in Van Ness. Every Saturday and Sunday brunch is served from 10:30AM until 2:30PM. The standard brunch menu is offered in addition to rotating brunch specials. The menu consists of your typical brunch, but with an Italian twist – Ricotta Pancakes, Egg Frittata with Proscuitto, and more. They have brunch mocktails and cocktails to choose from as well. The atmosphere is very conducive to a fun extensive brunch with friends – enjoy the cozy and relaxed feel inside, or there is a covered outdoor patio where brunch is served as well.

Adams Morgan Happy Hour DC

There is nothing like a good Mediterranean café to enjoy happy hour, and Acacia Bistro is our favorite in the Van Ness area. This wine and tapas bar mainly specializes in Italian, Spanish, French, and Turkish cuisine, and they have a delicious wine to pair with every item on the menu. Happy Hour occurs daily from 3:30PM to 6:30PM.  The drink options are extensive – $6 glasses of wine, $4 beers, and specialty cocktails for $6. There are happy hour food specials as well – apps to share for $4 – $11, and house pizzas for $10. Charcuterie and cheese boards are offered at a price of 3 options for $13. The cheap prices, delicious food and drinks, and fun Mediterranean vibes make for the perfect Happy Hour spot. 

Adams Morgan Gyms & Fitness Centers | Where To Work Out In DC

Gold’s Gym is the neighborhood workout spot in Van Ness. Located right on Connecticut Avenue, getting here is extremely convenient for those living in the neighborhood. The gym is open every day from 5:00AM until 11:00PM. Members can enjoy a variety of amenities: Cardio Cinema, Cycle Studio, Group Exercise Classes, Cardio Equipment, Free Weights, Training Area equipped with TRX, Locker Rooms, Towel Service, and Nutrition Counseling. Gold’s Gym truly has everything you could possibly need and more. One Free Class Pass and one Free VIP Pass is offered to those looking to join Gold’s Gym and can be redeemed online.

Getting Around DC | Adams Morgan Transportation

Van Ness has great public transportation options, which is typically the best way for anyone to get in and out of the neighborhood. The Van Ness Metro stop is centrally located in the neighborhood. Because of the metro, leaving and coming back to Van Ness from the rest of the D.C. area is quite convenient. There are several bus lines passing through the neighborhood as well, adding to the convenience of public transportation. Van Ness is a very walkable neighborhood, too. Residents can easily walk to access errands, shops, restaurants, and bars.

Adams Morgan Lifestyle | Living In DC

The Van Ness residents vary in age, race, and ethnicities, and the neighborhood is very proud of that. The University of the District of Columbia and Howard University School of Law are located in Van Ness, as well as several Embassies and businesses, adding to the mix of residents here. There are several neighborhood events hosted throughout the year, bringing a strong sense of community to the area. Due to the close proximity to Rock Creek Park, Van Ness is a “Tree and Slope Protection Overlay District” – building height and maximum ground coverage of buildings have a limit in order to maintain the essence of the Park.

Living In Adams Morgan | DC Apartments Adams Morgan

Housing in Van Ness varies – there are both large and small homes scattered throughout the neighborhood, as well as large condominium and apartment buildings. For the most part, Van Ness is an expensive area to live in. However, it is possible to find various price points here, due to the diversity of the residents. There are several apartment buildings throughout Van Ness that offer one to three bedroom apartments, a wide variety of amenities, and easy access to the neighborhood and other D.C. neighborhoods.

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New Kids On The Block: The Latest & Greatest New DC Apartments For Rent | Apartminty

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New Kids On The Block | New DC Apartments For Rent

Agora, the second building of The Collective apartment community, is expected to open in January of 2018. Located in the Capitol Riverfront, Agora is located in one of DC’s most trending neighborhoods. The building will have  one, two, and three bedroom apartments available. The apartments take luxury to the next level – European style kitchens, stainless steel appliances, large ceilings, and spacious rooms, all with a modern feel. The community is pet-friendly but will offer animal-free floors as well. Residents of both Agora and Park Chelsea (building 1 of The Collective) enjoy access to the amenities of both buildings, including rooftop pools, fitness centers, spa rooms, a virtual golf simulator, a full-size demonstration kitchen, rooftop lounge with fire pits and grill areas, and much more. Living at Agora will be an experience you don’t want to miss.  

Incanto is a brand-new apartment building located in the Wharf, DC’s newest Southwest Waterfront community. As part of the Wharf, Incanto is right in the mix of all that the new community has to offer. Studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments are available, ranging in size from 395 SqFt to 1,024 SqFt. The apartments are beautiful, and every amenity you could ask for is available. Fitness center, resident lounges, courtyards, and Wharf Club Memberships are just a few of the amenities this pet-friendly community has to offer. Incanto is the best place to enjoy the luxury of living waterfront in DC. 

The Channel is another luxury apartment community located at the Wharf. Waterfront views, over-the-top amenities, and easy access to all of the Wharf are just a few reasons why we love The Channel. Studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments are available to move into immediately. Each apartment features concrete flooring and ceilings, spacious and open rooms, and floor to ceiling windows. The community has one acre of green space, an infinity pool with cabanas, two fitness centers, a party room, lounge area, dog run, community garden and more. The Wharf is one of DC’s most happening areas, and The Channel will have you feeling right at home while enjoying all of the action.  

Located in DC’s Union Market area, The Edison is a brand-new community offering industrial style apartments. One and two-bedroom floorplans are available, ranging in size from 559 SqFt to 1,143 SqFt. In addition to The Edison’s convenient location, the amenities offered are top of the line. Fitness center, multi-media lounge room, outdoor courtyards equipped with fire pits and a full kitchen, and a soon-to-be on-site Trader Joe’s are just a few things we love about this community. The apartments have two finishes to choose from, both of which feature high ceilings, modern kitchens with quartz countertops and stainless-steel appliances, and spacious rooms and closets. If you move in now, there could be up to 1.5 months of free rent, so act fast!  

One of the newest additions to the Capitol Riverfront is 1221 Van, a luxury apartment building overlooking National’s stadium and the rest of DC. 1221 Van offers pet-friendly studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments and a variety of community amenities. Spacious kitchens designed for entertaining, beautiful bathrooms with porcelain tubs and tiled flooring and wood-inspired flooring give the apartments a chic and luxurious feel. Residents can relax and enjoy the community’s rooftop infinity pool, fitness center, incredible rooftop views, and a full-service concierge. At 1221 Van, you can be a part of the booming Capitol Riverfront community.  

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Damage-Free Ideas for Apartment Wall Decor | ApartmentSearch

blue couch against plain white brick wallBeige carpet. White walls. White doors. Your new apartment is a blank slate. Too blank. You want to give your new place some personality, but painting the walls may not be an option if you’re a renter. Don’t let the beige wall blues get to you though. Check out these 6 easy decor ideas that won’t damage your apartment walls.

1. Try tapestries.

In the 19th century, handwoven tapestries hung in mansions and castles as a sign of status. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, they were a luxury only the wealthy could afford. But a lot has changed in the last two centuries. Castles have turned into studio apartments, and tapestries have become a commodity accessible to most.

Tapestries come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prints. You can find a great selection of affordable mandala tapestries on Amazon, or shop Society6 for unique prints created by artists from around the world.

Since many of today’s tapestries are made of cotton or polyester rather than wool, they are lightweight and don’t require nails to hang from your walls! Instead, you can use clear thumbtacks to “pin” them to your walls for an instant transformation from beige-to-bold!

2. Get thrifty with vintage prints and maps.

Don’t knock secondhand shopping till you’ve tried it. You’ll have to do a little digging but, between old trinkets and well-loved sweaters, you might find some decorative masterpieces.

Check out the store’s bookshelves for conversation-starting coffee table reads and overambitious cookbooks for your kitchen counter. Then, head over to the home section for vintage art prints and stationery, which you can pushpin to your walls for a shabby chic look.

3. Embolden your bookshelves and cabinets.

Storage furniture isn’t just for old textbooks and fine china. You can leverage tall bookshelves and glass cabinets to spruce up your apartment walls without taking a hammer to them.

Add visual interest to your bookshelf by strategically arranging items such as plants, framed pictures, and decorative accents. Not sure where to start? Driven by Decor has some great tips for decorating shelves and bookcases to maximize aesthetic impact!

4. Consider curtains.

If you don’t have bookshelves and want to avoid pinning things on the wall entirely—consider curtains. Textured linen curtains and sheer veils work great with mid-century modern furniture, and floral patterns in bold colors enhance your vintage vibes! Plus, by using tension curtain rods, you don’t need a drill or nails to hang your window treatments.

5. Check out adhesive solutions.

Adhesive back utility hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which enable them to support a range of paintings and ornaments. Find a set of hooks designed to hold the weight of the item you want to hang (the packaging should indicate how many lbs. they hold). Then, follow the instructions on the package to prep your wall and hang your artwork. Remember, some wall paints and finishes are more prone to chipping than others, so performing a spot test in an inconspicuous spot is a good idea.

No blog covering damage-free ways to decorate your walls would be complete without mentioning wallpaper. Many home furniture stores and online decor retailers carry peel-and-stick decals that are so not-your-grandma’s style. Popular wallpaper options include quotes, flowers, geometrical patterns, and even 3D butterflies. With so many options, you’re sure to find one that fits your style and your budget. Just make sure to remove them carefully when it’s time to move out!

6. Save your walls and your security deposit!

Property damages like excessive nail holes and stained walls are grounds for your landlord to keep part or all of your security deposit. Use these tips to make sure you get that cash money back at the end of your lease. And if you still feel unsatisfied with your decor, consider finding a nicer apartment with ApartmentSearch. You might qualify for our $200 reward by doing so!